“The game is the game” – TG Omori To Obi

Popular Nigerian music video director, TG Omari, sent a message to Peter Obi, the Labour party presidential candidate and his supporters following his loss in the just concluded presidential election.

He said if Obi and his followers known as Obidients wanted victory, they must have learnt how to play the game as dirty as others do.

TG Omori mentioned this on Twitter while opining that the election which saw Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress emerging as president, was just part of the game.

Fans called him out for churning insensitive comments but he maintained his position and said that one must learn to play the game or they will have to stand outside crying and asking for fairness.

TG Omori said that ‘stupid emotions’ is what led to the result that the entire nation witnessed in the early hours of Wednesday.

He tweeted; “The game is the game.”

But Nigerians who felt it was insulting, attacked him on Twitter and he included:

“The game is the game and all of you are in tears. It’s the same sympathy and stupid emotions that has put all of us here! Play the game or stand outside and be crying for fair play. Wear your kits and jump into the field idiot.”

Chains were taken off you hands/feet and placed in your head. The slave master never changed his ways he just changed his methods, Search your soul and you will understand the problems are older than your fathers. freedom is still on the line, the war isn’t won.”

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