Simi Spoke Her Thoughts About The Outcome of the 2023 Presidential Election Result

Popular Nigerian Singer and song writer Simi,On Wednesday, March 1, made use of her official Twitter handle to share her opinion on the need for choice as she explained that even God understood the necessity, which was why he gave humans free will.

Simi mentioned that people need the power to choose their path, even if it is wrong.

In her words:

“Even God that is all-knowing, understood the power of choice, the necessity of it – and gave us free will. People need the power to choose their path, unhindered – even when/if it’s a bad choice. You take that away, you have a shell of a man, woman. You have almost nothing.

“The power of choice is power to decide. When you decide wrong, it’s power to change your mind. When you decide right, it’s power to win. It’s one of the worst things to steal from a person.”


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