‘Shippers, see the real ship that was meant to be shipped” – BBNaija’s Saga Wows Fans With Beautiful Pencil Drawing Of Nini

Reality TV star, Saga has melted the hearts of many social media users with a beautiful pencil drawing of his colleague Nini.

Nini who celebrated her birthday earlier this week, took to her Instagram story to share a video of when she took delivery of the thoughtful gift.

In the video, Nini seemed nervous about opening the gifts and some people could be heard in the background urging her to open the gift.

Immediately, Nini opened the gift, she couldn’t hide her feeling as she gushed over it saying the pencil drawing made her speechless.

Saga has been in love with Nini since the BBNaija reality TV show but the latter has consistently turned him down saying she’s in a relationship with someone else.

Despite the repeated turn down, Saga seemed not to give up on his love for Nini.

The pencil drawing sparked reactions online with many people commending Saga for the thoughtful gift.

cyndynich wrote: “A man that knows how to love a woman”

moyosore300 wrote: “Saga genuinely loves Nini, he’s such a sweetheart he pays every details and attention to this art, I love”

onyeri.victoria wrote: “See True Love Things. Saga is the definition of a real lover boy”

penninahkyasiimire wrote: “Saga is very talented! Shippers, see the real ship that was meant to be shipped”

kelly_premium wrote: “Omo this is the most beautiful I have ever seen as well we still have thoughtful men who really love.”


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