Russian-Major General Roman Kutuzov Killed By Ukrainian Forces

The general staff of the Ukrainian army said on Sunday evening that Russian troops had carried out “assault operations” in the Mykolaivka and Belogorovka areas and suffered “significant losses in manpower and equipment”.

It is not known which unit was commanded by General Roman Kutuzov. The head of the Ukrainian regional military administration in Odessa, Sergei Braczuk, said that the military led the corps of the separatist army from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

Ukrainian navy officer Dmitry Ivanov wrote on social media that the Russian commander was killed as a result of Ukrainian artillery fire.

“He became famous as a man who liked Mr. Zhukov’s methods very much,” he added, recalling the famous commander of the USSR.

He explained that General Kutuzov sent two brigades to the assault, which suffered heavy losses, and therefore he was forced to support the attack personally.

There is little information about the Russian commander in open sources. In 2019, he was listed on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense as the temporary commander of the 29th All-Military Army.

Kutuzov is the fourth general whose death in the war in Ukraine is confirmed by various official sources in Russia. Ukrainian authorities reported the deaths of at least seven generals, but at least two of them later turned out to be alive, which was verified by the Russian BBC


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