Rema – Rave & Roses (Ultra) Album

Rema – Rave & Roses (Ultra) Album

Talented Nigerian musician Rema recently released Rave & Roses on Ultra as a remastered version of his previous album.

The Ultra version includes remixes of some of his top songs along with five brand-new songs. Fans had been anticipating this release with bated breath, and Rema did not disappoint. The album features his distinctive fusion of Afrobeat and trap music, and the lyrics discuss themes of perseverance, success, and love. “Calm Down Remix,” which has already become a fan favorite and has been getting airplay on radio stations across Nigeria and beyond, is one of the album’s standout songs.

Rema Rave & Roses (Ultra) Album Tracklist;

  1. Holiday
  2. Charm
  3. Reason You
  4. Dunno Me
  5. HOV
  6. Calm Down (Remix)

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