Portable Calls out Burna Boy for Allegedly Exploiting His Intellectual Properties

Singer Portable has called out Burna Boy for using his intellectual property (slogan) without his consent asking him to link up so they collaborate on a song.

A video of Burna Boy using the slogan of Portable went viral and reacting to that, Portable has asked him to do the right thing and link up so they do a song and not just catch cruise with his slogan which is his intellectual property.

According to Portable, he gave Burna Boy the chance to use his photo for something and promote his song but then he shouldn’t just be catching cruise with his slogan which is his intellectual property but rather links up with him so they can collaborate on a song.

Portable is for the street and is loved by those on the street but looking at the kind of people Burna Boy has collaborated with on a song, we can’t be sure he’s going to have a song with Portable and will only use the slogan since everyone can use it but can’t own it.

Portable is making it in his own way and getting a platform from Burna Boy by collaborating with him will be a great achievement for him because it will expose him to a lot of things but his style of music could be a hindrance as well.

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