Nigerian Man Goes Into Shock After Losing A Virtual Bet [Video]

The moment a Nigerian man went into shock after losing a virtual bet at a bet shop has been shared online.

The man was seen with his hand on his chest as he sat on the floor. Those present were also heard asking him what was wrong.

Meanwhile African mum has been seen in a video dragging her daughter home from a party she attended at night.

Apparently, she had gotten information that her child snuck out to attend the party, so she stormed the venue to forcefully take her daughter back to their house.

It seems the mother stepped out in a hurry as she could be seen wearing only a bathrobe, with her scarf and swung a bag over her shoulder.

It was gathered that the embarrassing incident took place in Grove, South Africa. In a video that surfaced online, she could be seen pulling her daughter by the ear as her peers at the party followed them outside and started teasing her.


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