Monitor Lizard Found In AC Vent In Abuja (Photos)

This post was gotten from the Facebook of Fedilis Ozuawala and here is what he wrote advising everyone to always be vigilant about reptiles.

Let’s be vigilant guys,

Always check your AC water vents, make sure it’s closed.

Lock your windows and make sure they have nets.

In this photo is a Monitor Lizard which has lived and grown inside the AC water water pipes between the wall.

We keep hearing aggressive sounds inside the walls, like something was trying to make its way up.

From a small opening in the walls we poured fuel to chase this thing away, it wouldn’t go, other smaller lizards ran away as the fuel went down the pipe.

After several trials, it came out and behold it was a Monitor Lizard struggling to make its way up through the AC vent.

Even while it seemed impossible having reptiles around, here is a Monitor Lizard, something I doubted the possibility when I was told.

We are paying more vigilance henceforth.

The Aboki’s that killed it, took it away, saying it’s good food for some of their friends.

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