Moment American lady reportedly came to her senses 3 days after a yahoo boy used ‘juju’ to bring her to Nigeria [Video]

An American lady has reportedly come to her senses three days after a yahoo boy used ‘juju’ to bring her from California, USA, to Nigeria.

This led to an unprecedented drama which ensued in Badagry area of Lagos State.

Reports say the embattled lady has now recounted how she unwittingly came into the country three days ago and camped in the boy’s house in Badagry.

She said she didn’t know how she got to Nigeria and still does not know how the boy was able to convince her to visit the country.

A source’s narration claimed that a fight broke out after the lady became conscious and demanded to know how she got to his house.

This led to passersby intervening in the matter, thus the recording of the incident.

Video Below [Swipe Left To Watch]

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