EXCL: Top Signings Of The Summer

📥 Boubacar Kamara (22) (DMF) is almost a done deal and he will come for free.

📤 Tottenham and Newcasle are interested on Carrasco and are ready to offer €60m.

📥 Samuel Lino (22) (LW) is a done deal and he will come if Carrasco leaves, if not then loan.

📤 Newcastle is interested on Lodi too.

📤 Oblak will be sold if he doesn’t renew the contract. He is expected to renew soon.

📥 Felipe will renew the contract (99% done).

📤 Wass or Vrsaljko are expected to leave.

📥 There is some small interest on Miguel Crespo (25) (CMF) of Fenerbahce.

Atlético is expected to sign at least 3 players:

1 – attacker
2 – midfielder
3 – central defender

As far as now, there has been no links with any big name except Lautaro/Nunez.

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