“Don’t Advise Single Ladies Not To Respect The Marriage Institution” – Mike Bamiloye Says

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, Film Producer and Preacher, took a swipe at single ladies with broken marriages. He mentioned that women with broken marriages should not advise single ladies not to respect marriage vows.

He shared a post on his Facebook page where he advised women who are divorced or separated from their husbands, to stop advising single ladies not to get married.

There have been instances where women with marital crisis advice single ladies against marriage. Some believe this is coming from bitterness of heart while some believe it is from their experience.

In accordance to the actor, because some women’s home are shattered is not enough grounds for them to advise single ladies not to respect the marriage institution.

In his words:
“If You have got a Broken Marriage, Don’t Ever advise the Single Ladies not to Respect the Marriage Institution”.

Mike Bamiloye is the founder of the Mount Zion Films, and also an Evangelist. He is married to his wife Gloria Bamiloye and they have three children together. All their three children are happily married.



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