Cristiano Ronaldo Missed a Penalty Hours Before His Birthday (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly lost a penalty few hours before his birthday and this has been on trend ever since the incident.

Manchester United, popularly known as the “red faces”, will face Middlesbrough on February 4th at Man United Home.The match, which was very tough for the red, did not give any chances to the world’s best Cristiano Ronaldo to save his team this time around.

Manchester United got an early penalty, which could have been an advantage and also an early goal, but unfortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to net the goal.

The missing appears to be very painful for him, as Manchester United eventually lost the match against Middlesbrough on penalties, which ended 7-8.

This is also painful for the star’s fans because it was just a few hours before his birthday.

Cr7 is celebrating another year on the 05th of February.

Check out the video below.

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