Beautiful Lady Dances Inside Room Without Cement Wall Plaster, Shows No Shame, Video Stirs Reactions

A young lady was massively praised online after she danced in her humble-looking room without shame.

Many people said that she is not like some people who would rather portray a fake life on social media to strangers.

In the video, the lady vibed to XAM’s Gouatanamo song as she danced without any worry about how her room looked.

A young lady with the TikTok handle @alicia.386 has shown that she is proud of her room irrespective of how it may look to others. The wall of her room is without a cement plaster. One can easily see how the blocks were structured to build the house.

She is real

Without any iota of shame in a video, the lady rocked her waist to XAM’s Gouatanamo popular song. In the background was a person scrolling through a phone.

Many people said they loved the way she is contented with her life without being fake on social media.

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Watch videos of Alicia.386

In a TikTok video, the lady came close to her camera in the presence of her colleagues who were seated as she made leg, hand and waist moves.

She had great fun dancing in the office despite the fact that people were around her. Many who reacted to her video said she is in the best unit.

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