Actor & Musician, King Zealot Arrested, Paraded As ESN Operative (Pictures)

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According to information we received, one of the people Nigerian police arrested and accused of being ESN has been identified as an actor, producer and comic artist. Nigeria police and military have this record of arresting innocent people from the East and tagging them ESN, sometimes these innocent people end up being extra judicially murdered. We need to raise alarm before they murder this innocent young man.

@King Zealot is an actor and a music artist according to a friend who identified him. He participated also in Odogwu Bitters challenge link of his song

His friend wrote

Ok there are two pictures below, my case is for the young man wearing the singlet or armless top..

From what I got, he was arrested alongside the other people and tagged esn members. This young man is King Zealot and he is an actor and a music artist, based in owerri.

I got to know him through my good friend Donald Ihem’s and I can clearly say he is in no way a thief or ESN member. This is cheap blackmail. He graduated from imsu last year and we have been in touch.


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